Write an inequality for each situation worksheet

Use the following strategies to tailor the lesson to meet the needs of your students throughout the year Routine: Group and partner work should be used throughout the lesson so that students can help each other. Emphasis should be placed on communicating mathematical ideas with the specific vocabulary words appropriate to the concepts.

Write an inequality for each situation worksheet

How can real-world situations be represented by an inequality? Post vocabulary on Word Wall. Have students look at the vocabulary and tell a partner something they know about one of the vocabulary words. Show them the overhead picture of a speed limit sign attached.

Help students write an inequality for the speed limit sign. Other examples of inequalities in real-life can be found in advertising. Have them write possible inequalities for the home prices sign attached. Another example for an inequality is the minimum height sign at an amusement park.

Have each student write a situation that suggests an inequality and write an inequality to represent that inequality. They stop by a partner and share their inequality.

Students write the inequality for their partner on their paper, so that after four rounds of mixing, freezing and sharing, they will have an additional five examples of inequalities from real-world situations.

Referring to earlier examples. How many inches tall could you be and still ride the amusement ride? What time could you go to bed?

What speed could you go if the limit was 35 mph? Help student understand that the inequality symbol gives us a limit or starting place. Use the following real-world situations and inequalities to helps students see reasonable solutions.

Ask students to role play each situation. Have students go around their teams giving a reasonable number.

Then ask for a few solutions. You know you are more than twice as tall as your little brother.

Comparing Numbers Subtraction Worksheet

How tall could your brother be? One way to see reasonable solutions to an inequality is to guess and graph using a number line. Play the following game: Tell them you have stored a number in the graphing calculator that you want them to guess.

The number is between and 25 or choose any range appropriate for the class level.

Key Questions

Have each team bid for the number of questions they will need to ask you in order to guess the number ex. The team who bids the lowest, begins asking questions. Questions must be in the form of an inequality such as, AIs x less than 0?

The team continues to ask all the questions for their bid. Then, they must accurately guess the number. If they are able to guess the number correctly after their last question, they earn a point.earrings. each pair of earrings costs $8. write an inequality for the number of pairs of absolute value inequalities real world problemstebook - 19­21 absolute value inequalities real world problemstebook april 14, cw p p for a scholarship competition, eva had to write an essay.

For each country, write a linear inequality and graph it using schwenkreis.com Use the graph to decide on the number of food packages and medicine packages that each country should give.

Inequalities worksheets

(all countries should give the same amount each). Write a linear inequality in two variables to represent each problem situation. 1. Write a system of linear inequalities that represents each problem situation.

Remember to define your variables.

Systems of Linear Inequalities - SAS

1. Jamal runs the bouncy house at a festival. The bouncy house can hold a maximum of pounds. Define a variable and write an inequality for each situation. Graph the solutions. Josephine sleeps more than 7 hours each night.

_____ In , the minimum wage in the U.S. was $ per hour. Write and solve an inequality for each problem.


9. Jay can buy a . Graphing and Writing Inequalities Write the correct answer. 1.

write an inequality for each situation worksheet

A citizen must be at least 35 years old in order to run for the Presidency of the United States. Choose a variable and write an inequality for this situation. Solution: Let a be a person’s age. a 35 3. Approximately 30% of the land on Earth.

In the graph, the value of y increases by 6 each time the value of x increases by 1. The equation y 5 6x, write an equation to represent the situation. ··1 ··· ·· ··· L Equations for Proportional Relationships .

Writing Algebraic Equations