The importance of learning aboud different cultures and comparing them

In contrast, children are not yet conditioned to refrain from sharing what they think or asking what they want to know.

The importance of learning aboud different cultures and comparing them

Cultural differences in business Cultural differences in business — are you aware of them?

The importance of learning aboud different cultures and comparing them

A key to being successful in business internationally is to understand the role of culture in international business. Whatever sector you are operating in, cultural differences will have a direct impact on your profitability.

Improving your level of knowledge of international cultural difference in business can aid in building international competencies as well as enabling you to gain a competitive advantage.

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Therefore, you should be aware of the key factors that have a direct impact on business. Communication is the key to success for any business, whether you are operating nationally or internationally, but when operating internationally it becomes even more important due to language barriers.

Passport to Trade 2. Being aware of basic customer needs is an important aspect as this will give the advantage of conveying your message.

Body language is another key factor in cultural difference. Before launching a marketing campaign, always conduct research to become aware of your target audience since customer demand, decision making, gender views and ideologies greatly vary in cultures.

The importance of learning aboud different cultures and comparing them

There are also regional differences in business — see.If you plan on living on a deserted island, then no, it is not necessary to learn about different cultures. However, if you plan on living with and among other people, whether in a city, a small town or in a different country it would be advisable to understand some of the traditions, the similarities and the differences between different cultures and religions.


The Importance of Culture: We have come to believe that each workplace has a different culture which must be respected and reflected when providing workplace training and services. so they have a high commitment to the individual and the team's success within the learning process.

In Washington we're experiencing a low unemployment. Still, there's another gap that often goes unexamined: the cultural gap between students and teachers. Educators today hear a lot about gaps in education – achievement gaps, .

Objectives: Comparing Cultures

Those who work or live around people from other cultures understand the importance of learning about the differences surrounding them. What is often neglected, however, is the equal importance of knowing one's own culture, values and beliefs in order to relate more effectively across cultural lines.

Paying attention to customs and cultural differences can give someone outside that culture a better chance of assimilation or acceptance. Ignoring these can get an unsuspecting person into trouble. There are cultural and ideological differences and it is good to have an understanding about a culture's customs and ways.

The Benefits of Learning About Other Cultures. As far as we’ve come as nation, many Americans express fear, hatred, intolerance, or confusion towards other cultures. If more people took the chance to learn about different cultures, xenophobia could be less prevalent. but in reality many of them are escaping a war torn country.

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