Refer to source 3 everest the

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Refer to source 3 everest the

Rule of three A list of three things. The more confident you are with these techniques, the easier question four becomes, especially if you also memorise the generic effect these techniques have on the reader and how they link to the genre, audience and purpose.

For example, a writer might use statistics in a newspaper article published in The Times; this makes the article appear more factual, authoritative and persuasive to the educated reader. If you can remember these techniques like the lyrics to your favourite Justin Bieber song, then question four suddenly becomes rather ruddy easy.

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Just highlight the techniques in both sources and spot the similarities in their effect on the reader. Handy Hints for Answering Question Four: Underline the key words in the question.

Read source 3 carefully and underline any language devices you spot. Look at specific words, particularly verbs action words — e. This makes the reader imagine themselves in his position more clearly. Write introductory sentence identifying GAP of both texts. Now begin writing your comparisons, ensuring you use PEE to organise each idea and using comparing or contrasting connectives.

Look for where you have identified the same technique in both texts which may be used for the same effect similarity or for different effect contrast or where a similar effect is produced through a different technique.

You CAN discuss complete differences between the texts i. You are going to compare the two texts, one of which you have chosen.

Refer to source 3 everest the

Compare the different ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts. Give some examples and analyse what the effects are.

Boardman uses a combination of hyperbole and emotive language to emphasise the risk of danger of his situation. Finally, the language is effective in both extracts for different reasons: How many marks do you think this would achieve?

How could they improve? Always compare how language is effective in source three and another text of your choice.BIT Everest is a free open source library that supports some popular mobile digital TV demultiplexer (Demux). It is expected to support Japan 1-Seg (1seg, oneseg), Korean and China T-DMB (TDMB), CMMB and Europe DVB-H (DVBH).

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