Cursive handwriting a lost art education essay

August 15, The Oxford comma debate has been settled, as least in one court of law. But another debate rages on in the halls of academia and the forums of word nerds: But states like TennesseeLouisiana and California have fought back, making cursive a statewide standard.

Cursive handwriting a lost art education essay

Handwriting and cursive instruction should remain in the curriculum Essay: Handwriting and cursive instruction should remain in the curriculum Imagine a student studying for hours, taking an exam and failing, but not because he forgot the information.

Each year hundreds, if not thousands, of students prepare for and take the SATs and, according to the College Board, many fail the writing section due to illegible handwriting Bounds.

Ever since computers have entered homes and schools, the emphasis has shifted from handwriting to typing. In fact, the Common Core standards only require kindergarten and first graders to learn handwriting, while older students focus on typing Wenner Moyer The importance of handwriting in the curriculums was noted by Steve Graham, Professor of Education at Vanderbilt University who found that when people had neat handwriting, their test grades were higher, even if they did not know more information.

In France, students practice their handwriting for a minimum of a half-hour each day. While in the United States often it is the girls who have neater handwriting, French boys and girls have quite similar penmanship due to the extra practice Vochan.

Furthermore, inthe French Ministry of Education required six year olds to rewrite cursive letters and simple sentences in print Chartrel, Vinter The extra practice helps students write longhand neatly even when they are writing quickly Jean Additionally, when children practice their handwriting skills, it helps them improve in reading, writing, language use, critical thinking, and spelling hwwtears.

Interestingly, Andre Dawson, a retired baseball player, use to hate when his aunt had him practice his penmanship after school each day. When he got older he realized his aunt was not punishing him, as he would get complimented on his neat handwriting Kepner, A1 Also, adults who dedicate time to practice their handwriting will write better while learning new skills Wenner Moyer In fact, while improving their writing skills, children are also improving their occupational skills.

Children will further remember the information they are learning, as there is a special connection between the hand and the brain. Furthermore, by removing handwriting, cursive, a classic, is also being lost. By removing handwriting from curriculums, students are being deprived of fundamental learning skills.

Handwriting should be part of school curriculums due the benefits it has on memory retention, occupational skills, and cursive handwriting. This stimulation is known as motor memory, a specific type of memory that is formed when one does an activity by hand.

Cursive handwriting a lost art education essay

Due to motor memory, a person will remember subjects more when he writes the notes rather than type them, even though both are being accomplished through the hand.

This is because when one writes, he is causing the brain to work harder than it does when reading or memorizing Dingfelder In fact, Virginia Berninger, psychologist at University of Washington, showed that after a child wrote something by hand, he processed more then he would have if he would have typed his work instead Konnikova D1.

Those conducting the study noted that children who retrace or write something have an easier time remembering it. Anne Managen, University of Norway, and Jean-Luc Valey, a French neurosurgeon, revealed that when one learns something unfamiliar and write the notes rather than type them, he will create longer lasting memories Patiry.

Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of University of California conducted a study involving twenty-seven students; some wrote their notes and others typed. The students were then given an exam on that information.

The results were as follows. When it came to learning and understanding new information, those who wrote their notes scored higher. Both the students who wrote and those who typed were able to retrieve the information equally; however, when comparing the final grades, those conducting the study observed that the students who wrote their notes did significantly better.

Mueller and Oppenheimer realized that the writers did better because, when taking notes, they only wrote down the important information, while the students who typed simply typed everything. Therefore, when they had to study, the students who wrote their notes had the important information to study, while those who typed had everything.

InKarin James, psychologist at Indian university, conducted a study on motor memory. She and her team observed that when children were shown letters that they had already learned and practiced by hand they were able to identify them. She speculates that writing is a major factor for memory retention, as when children write their letters rather than type them, they will remember the characteristics of individual letters and, therefore, will recognize letters that follow those characteristics.

In another study conducted by Karin James, younger children were taught the alphabet. While learning, some children wrote the letters down, while the others simply looked at them.

The children who wrote the letters had neural activity appropriate for an adult in an important area of the brain, a sign that learning took place. The students who only looked at the letters had average brain activity Bounds.

Another benefit of writing was identified by Ronald Kellog PhD. Sometimes known as short term memory, working memory is where information is stored for a short amount of time so we can carry out a specific action using it.

Working memory is a key component to the development of literacy skills dyslexiahelp. Interestingly, when one is writing a sentence by hand using proper grammar, they are using working memory Dingfelder However, children need the proper fine motor skills in order to write by hand.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and Jun 03,  · It now appears that there may even be a difference between printing and cursive writing — a distinction of particular importance as the teaching of cursive disappears in .

Cursive is a lost art form. More and more school districts are cutting art from their budgets. This can be detrimental to the full development of students. However, cursive writing could be considered an art form all its own. It is one more way for students to develop the side of their brain that is not developed by basic reading and writing skills.

He is also a product of a Catholic education.

I use cursive for everything, I avoid printing at all costs, so there are some of us who would rather not print. My mother has the . Cursive writing and reading is a dying art form, but some schools are continuing to teach it in their classrooms, despite the new technology that is available.

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