Culturally sensitive nursing care essays for scholarships

Julie Ferwerda Navigating the unique cultural and religious needs of your patients can be unnerving. You could accidentally offend your patient or their family by not knowing about a crucial cultural practice or you could witness something that goes against your personal beliefs or convictions.

Culturally sensitive nursing care essays for scholarships

The movie "A Nurse I Am" provides a wealth of insights and approaches to be considered by future nurses, new nurses and seasoned nurses.

How To Care For Patients From Different Cultures |

According to Joyce Newman-Giger, "When nurses consider race, ethnicity, culture, and cultural heritage, they become more sensitive to clients.

The United States thrives as an expanding multicultural pluralistic society. As a nurse, how and why will you step forward to offer culturally competent care? Respect and compassion for diversity, varied cultural backgrounds and complex life stories are essential practical qualities of an expert nurse.

Mona Counts is the primary care provider for over 5, patients in Appalachia, where most of the population presents from rural, impoverished communities.

She displays exceptional patient care for individuals with a focus on history, motivations and personalized goals.

Culturally sensitive nursing care essays about life

She asks direct, objective questions without judgment to gain information. Mona Counts notices subtle changes in behavior, appreciates client gains, and does not request more than the patient is capable of giving. She considers the context in which she is offering care, and understands that not all patients have the means or desire to visit her in an official clinic, or to pay for her services.

She treats each patient, including those with difficult medical histories, high anxiety and those out of her typical clinic setting with respect and appreciation.

She asks for small, realistic behavioral changes, and offers health goals that are realistic for her patients in accordance with their individual abilities and culture. Mona Counts exemplifies cultural consideration and care in her rural Appalachian nursing practice.

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Ardis Bush, a nurse manager in an acute setting, offers advocacy, dignity and recognition to each patient with a calm and comforting demeanor. She recognizes that pain is a patient experience, not for the nurse or staff to describe or determine.

Ardis Bush searches for what is meaningful to each client and uses this information to motivate small changes, in common with Mona Counts. Under her care, each patient on a trajectory of illness and recovery is acknowledged in his or her present state,and she ensures the patient understands what the doctors have said, acknowledging how cultural variances play a role in how information is interpreted.

culturally sensitive nursing care essays for scholarships

She displays cultural consideration for her friend undergoing chemotherapy and supports her enduring difficult treatment out of deference to her cultural and familial expectations.

I am thrilled to enter the nursing profession in the United States, a vast cultural melting pot offering as many diverse points of view as there are citizens. As a nurse in this modern society, it is imperative that I begin my interaction with each patient by exploring his or her culture, upbringing and history.

I will listen to patient stories for clues to individual values and motivating factors. I will learn about diverse cultural heritages by committing to continuing education in transcultural nursing. I will regularly practice open-ended communication, motivational interviewing and cultural awareness in my interactions with patients, family and co-workers.

culturally sensitive nursing care essays for scholarships

I strive for my personal best in every aspect of my life and I will draw inspiration from these films as I step forward to provide the most culturally sensitive and appropriate care for all my patients, raising the standard of care throughout the nursing process.Culturally sensitive nursing care essays about education October 7, Leave a comment What it means to be thankful essay for students essay about sacco and vanzetti literature study online essays .

How To Care For Patients From Different Cultures. Related: 7 Important Elements Of An Inspiring Nursing Career. When in doubt, the best way to provide sensitive care to patients of diverse cultures is to ask. When you initiate care during your initial assessment, ask if there are any cultural or religious practices or beliefs that you.

Culturally sensitive nursing care may possibly be difficult for some to practice, but it makes healthcare challenging and rewarding. Health to an individual of any culture, ethnicity or race, is viewed as a positive outcome, balanced environment, and strong lifestyle.

The findings provide empirical support for the potential usefulness of the Patient-Centered Culturally Sensitive Health Care Model for explaining the linkage between the provision of patient-centered, culturally-sensitive health care, and the health behaviors and outcomes of patients who experience such care.

The main aim of the health care providers, especially nurses should be to provide maximum holistic and culturally competent care to their clients. In addition to two, word essays pertaining to the applicant’s career aspirations, applying for the Future Care Scholarship requires a description of community service and involvement, the applicant’s academic records in public health/health education, medical school, nursing and/or pharmacy and GPA.

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